Bobby (Director)

Bobby will be the guy encouraging you to get a beer. Bobby is the owner of The Vocal Academy and sometime rock star with Voci Band who in the past performed with The Camambert Quartet, Route 66 Big Band. He has performed at The Rose of Tralee (Irelands very real ‘Lovely Ladies Competition!) toured with a Showband Tribute show, also performed Bohemian Rhapsody with Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie!!)at the World Television Awards in Monaco! (True story!) and came 6th in Stars in Your Eyes competition where “Tonight Matthew, I’ll be Meat Loaf”!!

Kate (MC)

Kate is the one making you do fish noises under the premise you’re warming your voice up at the beginning of proceedings. She moves seamlessly from this to waving her hands in the air like some demented air corp paddle basher.

Kate is actually a winner of Ireland’s premier acappella competition and has competed in Sky TV’s acapella show. Kate is also lead singer of four bands and a vocal coach as well as a total head case. In the end you will end up loving that Kate has taken you through your paces, helping you sound so goddamn bloody good!

John (Videographer)

John is a movie guy. He’s a great movie guy. John loves movies. Let’s face it, John was never going to be an actor so his only way to get into the movies was to work ‘the other side of the camera’. Be nice to John. He can make you look better than an Instagram filter!!!