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Ahead of our (YOUR) next performance on Thursday (12th September, 2019) at The Wild Duck and even in the lead up to last weeks ‘All I Want’ night in The Courtyard Hotel, Leixlip we had a few weeks to contemplate, to process, to decipher and all of those things.

As much as we see that everybody joining together is part of everybody’s ‘journey’, this is also a journey for your hosts. It has truly been an eye opener and the process of looking back helps us to focus on our role as facilitators of this experience. From the buzz of our very first outing in The Salmon Leap (Leixlip) to the next one in The Wild Duck we can truly say that this journey has been a real leveller!

Without going into too much detail we’ve had some truly outstanding nights and we’ve had (in a moment I’d called it a “Disaster”! It wasn’t a disaster, btw) less so successful nights.

Why would I even highlight this?

Well I suppose in once sense I am possibly looking for forgiveness. But let me digress for a moment. In my head when I started this little piece/blog I mostly want to highlight that as an advocate for Singing, when you take away the tribulations of life and personal scope/availability and you boil it down to simply just singing, I have found over the years that people can be extremely hard on themselves.

While we all enjoy listening to our favourite songs, singers, genres I have found that some (if not most) of us have this inner self criticism that in actual fact is to be way too tough on ourselves particularly when it comes down to singing. It will manifest itself in some people as an over critical, internal voice constantly comparing our voice with our favourite singer and telling us it is ‘wrong’. In my role as Vocal Instructor I will get several people a week say to me, at the thought of taking singing lessons, “Not for me, sure I can’t sing!” Well dear, that is probably the BEST reason to take a singing lesson.

The thing is, most people are better than they think they are. But voicing your voice under the influence of negativity and fear only serves to prevent you from actually being better than you show. There are of course some that are lost. They may off pitch. They may struggle with timing. They wobble. Well, these should not be taken as signs of ‘Tone Deafness’ as they are for the vast majority of people who have to deal with these things. They are in most cases, simply coordination issues that can be fixed.

So back to our “disaster” (it wasn’t a disaster!). As facilitators of this wonderful concept on that particular evening we simply put too much weight into trying to make sure everybody was having ‘a good time’. As hosts, we forgot about what it was we were supposed to be there for and our focus shifted away from the point. The result was that some of you felt uncomfortable, separated and not cared enough for. We probably came across as obnoxious and forceful (at least I’ve been told by a good friend!).

We have of course come out the other end of this and hopeful that we haven’t been judged too much, but content that we have processed our misgivings on the night. We pick ourselves up and go again, armed with the experience and walking forward with a new approach. In fact following that particular night, we would happily argue that despite our smallest number of attendees to date, we actually produced our best sound and most enjoyable evening last week at The Courtyard Hotel.

So for you singers out there who innately have this internal fire, burning to sing, we say to you, DO IT! And keep doing it! If you need help it is there. Do not give up if it seems difficult. If your journey to improvement means anonymity in a crowd so what! Check out your nearest Gospel Choir, or Pop Up Choir or chorus line in the local Musical Society. If you find you don’t have the scope to commit to any of those then pop into us on one of our nights. No membership. No Commitment. One song. One night. You might just unleash your inner Superstar!!!

Even if you just want to sit on the fence for a while you could always just SUBSCRIBE to our updates, just to make sure that you don’t miss any little window that shines on your innate will to sing a song.

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