About Us

We get asked A LOT(!) what is Pub Cór. It’s actually probably easier to explain what we’re not and really we are NOT a Choir! #wearenotachoir – at least not in the traditional sense of the word. Pub Cór is more of a Community, Platform, or Space where you can pop along on a night, in safety and sing.

Pub Cór is a monthly drop-in singing event made up in equal parts singing, fun, and community-building. Your night unfolds before you like magic: you get a lyric sheet at the door, Sabrina and Bobby teach you the vocal arrangement, you end up sounding AMAZING & the video is recorded. Everyone has a ball and goes home feeling great!

But to really know more about us you need to know about YOU!

Pub Cór is ALL about YOU. We fully believe that everybody can sing although it’s not even about how good anybody is. Pub Cór is just a platform and some encouragement (and a little bit of direction). We’ve removed certain barriers like Membership Fees (there are no membership), just a monthly very small cost covering ticket to encourage as many people to pop along once a month and just sing.

How did we begin?
Early in 2018 when Bobby was sent a link to a video from Australia showing Pub Choir with the thousands of people singing together he started digging around to see what else was out there. Then he found Choir! Choir! Choir! in Canada and was inspired!

How could anybody get large groups of people together, on one evening, without any rehearsal and pull off three part harmony ‘Epics’ in 90 minutes?

…yet here we are.

Pub Cór is not a reinvention of the wheel, it is more a Philosophy that if you want to sing (and let’s face it, most people – even those in denial! – do) nothing should get in your way.

So what is to stop you?
Commitment, perceived lack of Talent, Time, Fear, Anxiety, Confidence, Perfectionism, Self Doubt are some of the things that stop us from letting it all out. Often a few of these! Pub Cór is the Non Judgemental Space where you can shed these chains of vocal oppression and just be yourself!

Under the capable guidance of Bobby Harpur and Sabrina O’Reilly we take a group of likeminded souls, split you into three groups and begin the process of putting the Audio Jigsaw together. 90 minutes later we record the complete song (twice), put it up on YouTube and you get to enjoy it and share it with friends and family forevermore!

General Timetable of Events on a Pub Cór Evening

7:45-7:59pm: Arrive
8:00pm: We sing the song through
8:05: Introduce the first harmonies and break down of the song.
8:45pm: BEER BREAK!!
9:00pm: Work over the remainder of the song
9:20pm: Run some sing through’s, tighten up.
9:30pm: Record!